Credit Counseling and Debt Management
of Eastern Iowa


We at the Financial Counseling Center are dedicated to helping people to improve their financial standing.  We understand that knowing how to successfully get out of debt, stay out of debt, or plan for ongoing financial needs are learned tasks for which most people have been given little guidance.  Our purpose is to give that experience in a supportive environment.

Each individual that comes to our service is unique in their needs and interests. We treat each one as the distinct and special person they are.  Our programs are custom made to ensure all needs of the individual and their family are recognized and accounted for.

Close contact with our clients on an ongoing basis ensures their continued participation in their program and increases our ability to share our knowledge with them.

our services

Since the needs of our clients are so diverse, Financial Counseling Center offers a wide range of services to accommodate them.  The following is a description of our most popular programs.

Debt Management :

Our debt management program is for those experiencing difficulty in paying their monthly obligations.  The program is designed to support the client from payday to payday until their personal finances are in order.  We negotiate with creditors, make payment arrangements, plan all spending, and disburse all funds.  Since we are one of only two “full service” shops in the state, we are able to handle all bills and are not limited to just credit cards.

Credit Card  Consolidation:

As a participant in the Consumer Credit Recovery program, you can receive reduced interest and reduced payments which we negotiate for you with each credit card company.  Participation in this program can pay off your credit cards in 4 – 6 years, rather than the usual 14 – 20 years if done on your own.  Our clients save hundreds of dollars per month in interest alone.